Whats In Your Pet Food – What is Cold Pressed and Dehydrated Food?

Cold Pressed

Cold Pressed foods are produced under much lower temperatures then your typical crunchy, biscuit type foods.  They often have a higher meat content and typically feature brown rice and a wide range of vegetables. So, why would you choose cold pressed. Not only is it the closest convenient equivalent to raw food, the lower cooking temperature allows all the ingredients to retain more of their nutrients during the cooking process, making it a much more natural diet. It is often used as the first step when switching to raw feeding, as it contains more natural ingredients and is closer to your pets natural diet without having to pre-think, defrosting or preparing raw food.

We currently stock one range of cold pressed food and trust us, its a good one. Gentle dog food are an excellent choice because they have used the cold pressed production process to allow them to make their kibble much smaller,  with the same if not higher nutritional value of a typical larger kibble feed.

Unfortunately we can only deliver Gentle to our local delivery postcode range.

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Dehydrated foods are literally what they say on the tin, all you have to do is simply add water to the foods before you serve them. Dehydrated foods restore the nutrients in the food for longer again making them closer to a raw feeding diet. These foods are perfect for taking a break in a raw feeding diet, they add a new level of convenience (just add water) but keep a relatively close level of nutrition to the raw foods, perfect for when you go on holiday or can’t obtain your usual supply. This food is also great for combating bloat, the food expands in the water when you add it instead of in the dogs stomach, reducing bloat and ensuring that your dog stays nice and comfy when eating.

We again stock one line of dehydrated food, however we do it is one of the best so have faith that it is a great food.  Pure, is an excellent food that contains no grains or gluten and features plenty of protein, making it a superb first or continued dehydrated feeding choice.