Whats In Your Pet Food – Grain Free

What are Grain Free foods? Why should you feed them?

Grain Free means quite literally means that the food contains absolutely no grains, the grains are replaced with healthier alternatives such as vegetables. You may be thinking, what are these grains? The most popular grains used in pet foods are rice, wheat, barley and maize.

So, why should you be feeding grain free? 

Firstly, grain allergies can be rather popular in pets today, especially wheat and corn for dogs. These two ingredients are rather popular in branded supermarket foods so it’s always best to keep a close eye on your pet that they don’t show any allergic reaction like symptoms. Switching to a grain free food will see no nutritional downside for the pet, so switching may be a good idea if you wish to avoid the allergic reaction risk. Of course if you spot any allergic reaction symptoms always seek a vet’s advice first.

Linking with the nutritional aspect of grain free foods, they are again often better then their grain heavy competitors. A lot of cheaper grainy foods feature lots of carbohydrate rich grains to bulk up their feeds and keep production costs down so switching to a grain free food will eliminate a lot of the heavy carbs in their diet. Instead, your pet will be getting a more natural feeding experience with healthy vegetables, a high level of fibre and high quality meat and fish proteins.

Grain Free food is also great for digestion, some uncooked grains can be very hard for dogs to digest. It is also easier to digest simply because there are less carbs and more proteins in grain free foods, allowing the dogs stomach to break down and digest the food much easier then if the food was filled with heavy grains.

We have a great range of grain free products for both dogs and cats, all of which we are happy to provide nutritional information for and let you know how you can switch to a grain free diet today.

We have both wet and dry grain free products available.