Whats In Your Pet Food — EEC Permitted Preservatives


The EEC Permitted Preservatives list now stretches to over 4000 artificial additives that are legally allowed into your pet’s foods.

The majority of these additives are perfectly fine for consumption, some even providing health benefits. However, this list is usually widely avoided by pet nutritionists throughout Europe as it can contain chemical colourings and flavourings, many of which have been linked to health and behavioral side effects. The list contains preservatives like BHA and BHT, both of which have been linked to possible causes of cancer in pets.

In the interest of healthy foods we recommend that you stay away from foods that contain these additives, we do not openly recommended foods containing the above mentioned preservative and if you ask one of our pet nutritionists they will advise and point you to the pet foods that are more natural and healthier. We stock a range of wholesome foods that have transparent ingredients, without containing these additives.  These healthier pet foods will suit all ages and lifestyles and we will can tailor the best one for your pet. If you would like more information about this list, what foods contain these additives and more, feel free to contact us. We have nutritional specialists on hand to help you with any questions you may have.

You can find all of the foods we stock Here, and if you would like more information on our range or questions in relation to additives, please get in contact.

All about dog food have an active list of foods that contain additives, however this list is not an extensive list so, please let us know if you require further info. Here