What Are Cereals And Meat Derivatives


The terms Cereals is used as a broad blanket term for many different grains, its used usually when the grain in the food is the cheapest possible and the manufacturer simply can’t identify what grain it is or it is a mixture of multiple grains. The word cereal is also used when they use different grains in different batches, to keep the production costs as low as possible. Often if a manufacturer are reluctant to clarify what grain they are using, it won’t be anywhere near a high quality one. All About Dog Food suggest as a precaution to avoid all foods that use the term cereals as it usually means low quality, however it has previous been used to preserve certain manufacturers ‘secret recipe’. We strongly suggest against feeding products containing cereals if your pet has any dietary issues as you simply won’t know the exact ingredients of the feed, therefore you may not be able to identify a specific ingredient that could be causing issues.

Meat & Animal Derivatives 

This is a generic term that covers all animal parts including heads, feet, guts, lungs, hair, feathers and wool. This term is mainly used to hide undesirable ingredients which are commonly used in a lot of popular foods, again to reduce production costs, less desirable parts of the animal cost less. If you are feeding a product that contains derivatives, always make sure it clarifies which animal it is from and preferably what part of said animal. This can cause a similar issue as above where you simply don’t know exactly what is being fed to your pet so if they have any dietary issue, it is best to stay away and always know exactly what you are feeding your pet.


If you have any worries about the ingredients in your pets food, feel free to ask us about it and we will clarify any ingredients on the list and suggest any potential alternatives to help your pet move to a healthier and happier lifestyle. You can contact us in Store, by Phone or on our Website.