Introducing Whats In Your Pet Food Event

Over the next two months Pets Pantry will be hosting our own What’s In Your Pet Food Event, throughout this event we will be putting a strong focus on the ingredients of the products we stock and encouraging customers to be proactive in checking what is really in their pets food and finding the best possible food for the future, the clue really is in the name. We will be releasing lots of informative content in relation to this, so that you the customer has a reference if you ever need to know what is in your feed, the different types of foods and more.

Head down to our high street store and speak to one of our friendly staff members about what is really in your pet food, we can offer a range of advise from portion control to intolerance, raw diet to hypoallergenic, we pride ourselves on our collective pet knowledge. We will also have a range of samples from our main lines in store, handed out in these free natural instinct bags including a pen, post it notes and a poo bag, they are also available online by request.  Samples give you a chance to try out the food before you commit to buying so we have made it a priority to keep plenty back for this event to really help you on the next step of changing your pets diet.


At Pets Pantry our main aim to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy and we like to think that the products we stock reflect that lifestyle, we know that changing pet foods can sometimes be very stressful so we want to help in every way we can, we encourage you the customer to use this event to really get to know the feeds you use and make any improvements where you can.

We hope to be hearing from you very soon, head to our website now to start exploring new feeding options.

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