Full Team Training – Canine Specialist Nutrition

Over the past few weeks our whole team have been studying extra hard to get a Center of Excellence Canine Specialist Nutrition qualification, a knowledge range that fits in perfectly with our current Whats in Your Pet Food Event. Our staff members already have a great range of skills and qualifications but we think this is the perfect addition to extend their knowledge which can then be passed to you the customer. This qualification is made up of ten in depth modules that explore different factors of canine nutrition. When this blog post was created every member of the team has reached module four with one hundred percent completion so far, so a very big congratulations to them for doing so well approaching the half way point of the course.

Make sure to follow our blog closely to see updates on how the team are getting on, we are very proud of our team and want to share their success with you.

See below a photo taken at a recent study session held by the team, everyone looking very keen to learn.