BVA Issues Blue-Green Algae Warning

The British Veterinary Association has recently issued a pet owners warning to take extra precautions while walking their dogs near bodies of water in the UK as some blue/green algae has been confirmed toxic in some areas of Scotland.

The BVA and us here at Pets Pantry recommend you always keep your dog on a close lead around waters, just as a precaution, we know that some dogs love nothing more then to dive into water head first but we believe it isn’t worth the risk on this one. The toxic blue/green algae isn’t identifiable by the human eye so you will never really know if your dog is jumping into something that may harm them. Known symptoms of the algae are┬ávomiting and diarrhoea, drooling, disorientation, breathing problems and more. If left untreated, it could lead to serious liver damage which eventually can become fatal. If you suspect that your dog has come into contact with this algae, we recommend that you seek professional veterinary advice as soon as you can.

We believe that it is only right to issue a warning on this issue, there is nothing worse then enjoying a hot day with your dog and they end up getting sick because they wanted to have fun and cool down in some water.

There are plenty of ways to cool your dog down without them having to dunk in a waterway; there are lots of cooling products out there such as coats and blankets, many of which we stock and you can find here.


You can find the orginal article on the BVA’s website here.


From everyone at Pets Pantry, take care on your next adventure with your pets.